Return and Replacement Policy

Handbuys 100% Money back guaranty ensures buyer protection when customer wants to return a product. Note all the products may not be eligible for return based on the type of product, condition of the product, allowed time period for return and based on specific return policy note maintained by the seller of the product in the product page or as part of the product description. Refund or Replacement will be provided as requested and agreed by the seller once the below eligibility criteria are met and return product received by seller.

Eligible for Return:

1) Cloths, Footwear, Jewelry, Accessories, Painting, Handicrafts, Home Décor and Gift.

2) On Receipt of Damaged or Wrong Product to be informed and book return with in 3 days of the delivery. Also take photograph of the damaged products received.

3) Wrong fit, Product image and physical product not matching to be informed and book return with in 20 days of the date of purchase.

4) Need to have all the original tag, bill. Packing retained for all the returns and send the same along with return.

5) Must be registered in Handbuys and book the Return RMA in the system. Which shows list of orders you have booked and specific order, which you like to return.

Not Eligible for Return

1) Cloths, Footwear, Jewelry, Accessories, Painting, Handicrafts, Home Décor and Gift used and not in good condition

2) Lingerie (bottom-wear), Inner-wear, Socks, Clothing Freebies, Home Care, Gift Cards, Other Consumables and irrevocable fixed products for which removing from the installation is not possible.

3) On Receipt of Damaged or Wrong Product not informed and book return with in 3 days of the delivery.

4) Poor quality, wrong fit, Product image and physical product not matching and not informed and book return with in 10 days of the delivery.

5) Not registered in Handbuys and not booked the Return RMA in the system with in the given time line.

6) There may be a slight colour diffrence between photograph and real product, Some hand made products where there could be minor diffrence for ex: small threads showing up these are not defective or damaged products and not elegible for return.

Note :

Return Period after Delivery is applicable if product received is Defective or damaged or Not as Described.

If you have received a damaged or defective product or if it is not as described, you can raise a replacement request on the Website within the applicable Returns Policy period. In a rare event of the replacement being defective/damaged or not as described on the product page, a full refund will be provided by the seller once they receive the product.

For products where installation is provided by Seller/Handbuys:

1. Please do not open the product packaging by yourself. Handbuys authorized personnel shall help in unboxing and installation of the product.

2. The return period for such products commences from the date of installation.

Handbuys Returns Processing

If you're facing any issues with a product purchased on Handbuys, we shall facilitate seller in help by verifying and trying to resolve your product issue as part of the return verification process. The Issue resolution steps may be shared with you as self-help, or with assistance over call or a Handbuys (or partner) personnel may visit your place. The seller will arrange for a replacement if the issue has not been resolved.

Issue resolution steps will be available for products like furniture etc.

In case the product is not in stock or has been permanently discontinued, the refund for the entire product or part(s) of the product will be provided by the seller.

Returns Pick-Up

In case of returns where you would like item(s) to be picked up from a different address, the address can only be changed if pick-up service is available at the new address.

During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions.

1. Correct Product

Name/image/brand/serial number/article number/bar code should match and MRP tag should be undetached and clearly visible.

2.Complete Product

All in-the-box accessories (like starter kits, instruction manuals, etc.), freebies and combos (if any) should be present.

3.Unused Product

The product should be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non-tampered quality check seals/warranty seals (wherever applicable)..

4.Undamaged Product

The product should be undamaged and without any scratches, dents, tears or holes.

5.Undamaged Packaging

Product's original packaging/box should be undamaged.

Note: This policy may change time to time please ensure you have read and understand while purchasing in Handbuys.